The Cajun Congress
It's the People, Not the Party.
This database is designed for people to have a more convenient access to their government and to provide government officials with ready access to each other. This is a work in progress so please check periodically.


Administration, Division of (DOA)
Administrative Law, Division of
Agriculture and Forestry, Department of (LDAF)
Alcohol and Tobacco Control, Office of (ATC)
Attorney General (AG)


Bond Commission, State
Budget, Office of Planning and (OPB)


Charitable Gaming, Office of
Civil Service, Department of (DSCS)
Clerk of the House
Coastal Activities, Governor's Office of
Community & Technical College system, Louisiana
Community Development (OCD)
Community Development Authority
Community Services, Office of
Community and Technical Colleges, Board of Supervisors of
Corrections, Department of (DOC)
Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, Department of (CRT)


Disability Affairs, Governor's Office of


Economic Development, Department of (LED)
Education, Department of (DOE)
Educational Television Authority, Louisiana (LETA)
Elderly Affairs, Governor's Office of (GOEA)
Elementary & Secondary Education, Louisiana Board of
Electronic Services, Office of (OES)
Emergency Preparedness, Office of Homeland Security and
Employee's Retirement System, Louisiana State (LASERS)
Environmental Quality, Department of (DEQ)
Ethics, Louisiana Board of
Examiner, Office of State


Facility Planning and Control
Financial Institutions, Office of
Fire Marshal, State


Geographic Information Center, Louisiana
Group Benefits for State Employees, Office of (OGB)
Governor, Office of the


Health and Hospitals, Department of (DHH)
Health and Hospitals Licensing Boards
Historic Preservation, Louisiana Division of
Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, Governor's Office of
House of Representatives, Louisiana State
Housing Finance Agency, Louisiana (LHFA)


Indian Affairs, Governor's Office of
Inspector General, Office of (OIG)
Insurance, Department of (LDI)


Justice Of The Peace Courts, Louisiana




LANET: state data communications network
LAPAC: Procurement and Contracts Network
LASERS: State Employees Retirement System
LED: Louisiana Economic Development Department
LEO: Louisiana State Employees Online
LES Federal Credit Union
LOUIS: Louisiana Library Network Law Institute, Louisiana
Labor, Department of (Now Known as Workforce Commission)
Law Library of Louisiana
Law Enforcement Executive Management Institute Bd
Legal Representation in Child Protection Cases, Task Force on
Legislature, Louisiana State
Legislative Auditor, Louisiana
Legislative Fiscal Office, Louisiana
Legislative Women's Caucus, Louisiana
Library of Louisiana, State
Lottery Corporation, Louisiana
Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA)
Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, Board of Supervisors


Mental Health Advocacy Service (MHAS)
Mineral Board, State
Motor Vehicles - ExpressLane (OMV) Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service
Museum, Louisiana State


National Guard, Louisiana
Natural Resources, Department of (DNR)
Nonpoint Source Pollution Unit
Notarial Archives for New Orleans


Office of Motor Vehicles(OMV)
Oil Spill Coordinator's Office


Pardons, Board of
Parole, Board of
Patients' Compensation Fund, Louisiana
Penitentiary, Louisiana State
Penitentiary Museum, Louisiana State
Police, Louisiana State
Public Safety, Department of (DPS)
Public Service Commission, Louisiana (PSC)
Purchasing and Travel, Office of State (OSP)


Racing Commission, Louisiana State
Real Estate Appraisers Board, Louisiana
Real Estate Commission, Louisiana
Recovery Authority, Louisiana (LRA)
Regents for Higher Education in Louisiana, Board of
Register, Office of State (OSR)
Retirement Development Commission, Louisiana
Retirement System, School Employees
Retirement System, State Employees (LASERS)
Retirement System, Teachers (TRSL)
Revenue, Department of (LDR)


School Employees' Retirement System, Louisiana
Secretary of State
Senate, Louisiana State
Senate Secretary
Social Services, Department of (DSS)
Southern University, Board of Supervisors
State Employees Retirement System (LASERS)
State Land Office (SLO)
State Library of Louisiana
Louisiana Statewide Interoperability Network for Communications (LASINC)
Student Financial Assistance, Office of (LOSFA)
Supreme Court of Louisiana


Tax Commission, Louisiana
Teacher's Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL)
Telecommunications Management, Office Of (OTM)
TOPS--Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA)
Transportation & Development, Department of (DOTD)
Treasury, Department of the (State Treasurer)


Uniform Payroll, Office of State (OSUP)
University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors


Veterans Affairs, Department of
Vital Records--Birth, Death, Marriage


Wildlife & Fisheries, Department of (WLF)
Workforce Commission, Louisiana
Workforce Investment Council, Louisiana

Youth Services, Office of (OYD)
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